Thursday, June 9, 2005

Book Donations

In speaking engagements, I usually get requests for donations. A lot of school and public libraries out there are wanting and needing of books! Precious books! I often give them the name of my boss (haha!) and her contact address and number so that they may write her for donations.

After finishing the summer inventory, we have a good number of books, still in very good condition and substantially usefull, for giving away. While we have adopted a barangay library in Pasig to deposit our books, we consider other donees as well.

This morning I got an email asking for referrals. The person obviously have books to give so I sent her my reply. How very timely! Things can fall into place without even trying. You see, this is the first week of June and I'm scheduled to posts about BOOKS and READING ADVOCACY. To the lady looking for libraries to house her books, I thank you!

For those who are in the same predicament,or will be, here are some tips to make book donation a fulfilling experience.

From my Yahoomail-
Thank you for your interest on helping Philippine libraries grow in terms of collection. We in the profession surely need people like you.

There are many ways to help.

1. If you have a barangay library near you, just talk to the barangay captain and tell him/her your intent. There are no barangay librarians in most of these libraries, only secretaries who check the library once in a while.
2. If you know of a public school library, visit the school principal and again, tell her your intent. They would be happy to receive donations.
3. If you have kids, your own or not, try calling the school librarian and inform her that you have books for donation. In my school, we have bookfairs where parents buy and/or donate books to the school library. The librarian will be vary happy to get the support of parents or adults on this matter.
4. And then there are public libraries you can call. Here are my recommendations -

Museo Pambata Library - 523-1797 / 523-1798 fax - 5221246
Ms. Evelyn Nabus of Marikina Public Library - 639183540584
Ms. Ethel Villafranca of Children's Library Foundation - / 395-2112

I am recommending these people/libraries because I'm confident that they have a staff who will take care of your books. Their libraries also have a steady flow of clients who visit frequently. They would welcome books for kids,as well as for adult readers.

Happy book donating day!


bugsybee said...

Hi eurannie! I am so very happy to read this post of yours. Many years ago, when I transferred to where I presently live, I donated all my books to a municipality - at that time a 5th class municipality so you can imagine how poor this town is - so they could start a library. I still donate some of my books from time to time. They need a lot of help especially because, while there are many donors in Metro Manila, there is a dearth of donors for the poorest of the poor provinces. I hope that your other donors will consider the far-flung areas. Children do not read or start reading very late simply because there are NO children's books to read. This just breaks my heart! As a college teacher, I found out that most of my students who could were not articulate were those who started reading very late ... I mean not only the textbooks, but OTHER children's books. I am very glad that you are doing something and for that, I want to thank you in behalf of all those who will be benefited. We must all remember that ONe small act goes a long, long way!

eruannie said...

hey teacher bugsy! there are foundations who can also help provincial libraries. will post an entry about them soon!

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