Friday, June 24, 2005

More Insights

As promised, here the compositions of my students. Enjoy reading them!

The Learning Resource Center is a " Treasure Chest" . The books are the treasure. They are filled with knowledge waiting to be discovered by us, students.


Knowledge is very important in our lives. It is like the food for our minds and it makes us understand everything around us. The more we read, the more we discover, the more we know.

The biggest treasures of our school are found in the LRC.

Matthew Par

The Library is a Sanctuary

For me the libray is a sanctuary because it a place where you can study, read and learn about things. The library is a sanctuary also because if you are bored and have nothing to do you can go to the library. If you find a nice book and you start reading it you will become interested in it and you will keep on reading and you will not notice the time go by.

Personnally I like to spend my free time in the library. I enjoy reading the diffirent books there. If I have homework I do it there because it is a place where I can concentrate.


For me the library is an extension of the classroom because it is a place where you can study. You can also go to the IT lqab and use the computers for reaserch. I use the internet to get the information I need. The library also has an AVR where the class can make a reservation and watch movies or films.

Jospeh Garcia


The LRC to me is a well. A well that provides precious water to someone who is thirsty. A well in the middle of nowhere. When you need answers to questions bugging your mind, you go to the LRC and find them there. Just like a person who is in need of a drink in the jungle or in a remote area, his face lights up upon seeing a well.
When you need information or thirst for knowledge, the LRC is the place to go. It has reference books, magazines, newspapers etc. You will find everything you need at the LRC.

A school is not complete without a library. It is the main part of any learning institution. It is a great source of knowledge just like the well, it is also a great source of life.

Jan Dy Liacco

For me, the role of the GS LRC is to help and guide me in any way it can.
The GS LRC is really a big help for us students. It can make our life easier in many ways. Thanks GS LRC.

Kevin PAtco

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