Friday, July 31, 2020

The BA Library Online: Goals and Directions for AY 2020-2021

The Beacon Academy Library Online
Academic Year 2020-2021

As the Academy move into online learning this academic year, the BA Library continues its commitment to provide access to relevant learning resources, conduct virtual readers’ services and implement programs that support inquiry and research. There are four ways in which the library personnel actualize these goals.

Learners and members of the BA Community can:

·      Connect @theBALib - access the Library OPAC, peruse the BA Library Gsite that has directories of online resources carefully curated by its staff and, schedule consultations and inquiry sessions with the Teacher Librarian;

·      Bridge information gaps @theBALib- access IB recommended databases and online subscriptions namely EBSCOHost, The Day and World Book Online. Usernames and passwords are shared and given to students, faculty and staff, parents and alumni;

·      Collaborate @theBALibrary – share and contribute to the Learning Playlist, avail of the virtual reference and advisory services on Academic Honesty, Creative Commons and strengthen professional partnerships with local and global learners;

·      Feed your curiosity @theBALibrary – spend some time at the The Pioneer, a virtual space where Grififns can jam and jazz up ideas, inquiries and questions and nurture one’s sense of wonder!

Get in touch @theBALibrary through these email addresses - /


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