Sunday, December 11, 2016

Writing and Teamwork in Tagayatay

During the last National Holiday, I joined a creative team of dreamers and advocates to work on a commissioned book project for a Philippine based non-government organization. We spent an overnight stay in a cozy house in Tagaytay to write and create. Ah, bliss!

With Darrel Marco, collaborating on a story while the rain falls softly outside.
 This is a big project that we hope to finish by February 2017. That's all I will share for now. More news to come, definitely. But for this post, let me tell you the wonderful thing that happened during the write-in.

There were three stories to be finished that day. The creative team critiqued the two stories and were immediately re-written for the final draft. The last story, the most challenging to write, was finished early that afternoon. While the writers worked on the third story, the illustrator, who was present during the workshop, worked on the studies of the two stories that passed workshop critiquing. By 4PM, we had a good idea how the two books will look like.

Thanks to technology, our Mother Tongue writer and translator was working alongside us through Fb Messenger and text messaging.

The project still has a long way to go. I am positive that, working on a steady pace we will be able to see the project through post production.

Here is a glimpse of our artist's study of one spread:

Tinsley Garanchon's study. So cute!

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