Saturday, December 31, 2016

Monthly 1st Post of 2016

Here's keeping up with a blog tradition of posting first posts of each month of 2016.

January: Movie Review of #WalangForever 
We watch a movie every Metro Manila Film Festival. Last year, our movie of choice is #WalangForever. 

February: UP FLIPP's Seminar and Unconference
The format of the seminar lent engagement and more discussion among peers and colleagues. More of this because the method is proactive, collaborative and collegial.

March: Book Trailer for Big Sister
Lampara Books, my publisher, made a neat book trailer for Big Sister, my fourth stand alone picture book.

April: The Hourglass Model of Research
The month of April was research month at the Academy. I blogged about the processes we went through to standardize and formalize research instruction. 

May: The Challenges of School Librarians in the Senior High School Program
This is a post I need to go back to and further explore. Young Adult Library Services in the Philippines is an area of growth and more discussion.

June: A Thesaurus of Philippine Children's Literature
An interview I had for Tericel Tamayao, librarian at Bent International School Manila.

July: Of Dreams, Innovations and Memories
One of the best workshops I attended in recent memory! The insights I gained from attending the NBDB series of workshops last July were important ground work for my practice of the profession.

August: #griffinsread: The Reading Journey
An infographic I made for our reading guidance program in school.

September: Illustrator of the Month: Ruben de Jesus
A feature on Mr. Ruben de Jesus, illustrator of Big Sister

October: Be Heard! Be a Blogger
A short video clip I used for my lecture in the University of Perpetual Help, Binan Campus

November: The 2016 Picture Book Month
I am a Picture Book Month Ambassador  and this year, I was website administrator too. It was a lot of fun reading and interacting with the 2016 Picture Book Month Champions!

December: Hosting an Author Visit Program
My tips for librarians who are planning for a successful Author Visit Program in their schools and learning communities.

My top three favorite among the twelve posts are:
1. The Challenges of School Librarians in the SHS Program
2. Of Dreams, Innovations and Memories
3. The 2016 Picture Book Month

I invite you to read on the 12 posts. If you are feeling generous, let me know what you liked best by posting a comment or sending me an email/message.

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