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12 Days of Christmas Movie Review: It's A Wonderful Life

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It's A Wonderful Life
Director: Frank Capra

James Stewart is George Bailey, a businessman of Bedford Falls, who lends money to the middle working class of the community. When his Uncle Billy lost a hefty amount to keep the business going, George fell into despair and contemplated on committing suicide. Through his guardian angel, Clarence, George realized that suicide is not a solution to his problem. His is a wonderful life, indeed!

What worked

I love James Stewart. He is perfect for this role as he represents the working class of his time and age. While this kind of character has dated the film, James Stewart's acting and his rendition of the role do not. Every man is given a moment: a fall from grace; hitting rock bottom; committing an epic failure in life. Stewart's George Bailey is dignified, a man of integrity who draws respect from his peers and members of the community. When he met a dead end on his business, Stewart's George Bailey transformed into someone else. Where is the man who needs to be brave? I wanted to yank him away from the ledge in the bridge when he was thinking of ending his life.

Enter George's guardian angel, Clarence, who at the start of the movie was called on by God to intervene. I also liked this part because I do believe in angels. God's love is indeed eternal.

Clarence showed George past events of his life: how he has helped many people build lives through his buisness; what brought his hearing impairment that disqualified him from fighting in the war; and how much he is loved by his wife and children. One's course of action do affect and effect the lives of many.

I first saw this movie when I was in my tweens and I have felt good inside after seeing it. Through the years, I would watch the movie with friends and family and I would get the same feel good effect. These year, at Christmas time, watching it again affirms the magnificence and magnanimity of God's love for us. Like George Bailey, we are given the freedom to make a choice: to do good or bad; to be brave or to be a coward; to fight for our values or to run away from them. Like George Bailey, we are constantly guided by our angels. God does not control our every actions, but He is ever present in our lives.

This Christmas, I recommend this movie to be seen at home with family and friends. The world is so much in need of hope. I think we all need to be reminded how, in these dark and difficult times, God is with us. Sometimes we know and feel how he works in our lives and sometimes, we do not feel Him at all. But He sends angels, in one form or another, so that we realize that life is wonderful indeed!

Rating: 5

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