Friday, December 23, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Book Review: Holiday Hat Trick

Holiday Hat Trick (Portland Storm, #5.5)Holiday Hat Trick by Catherine Gayle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mitchell Quincey is visiting his ex-wife, Mia, for the holidays. His sole objective is to get approval from her for joint custody of their daughter. When Q (a nickname he goes by among friends in the Portland Storm Hockey Team) finally met Mia for the first time in a long while, he realized he was still in love with her.

Q is persistent and charming. While Mia plays hard to get, she couldn't help but give him another chance seeing Q shower her daughter with attention and love. Admittedly, Mia has her hands full on being a single working mom. Somewhere in the middle of the holidays, they got back together in each others' arms.

What worked

Christmas magic and the presence of family were factors that pushed Mia to forgive Q's faults. Besides, Q and Mia have a long history that their families brought back through reunions and dinners shared during Christmas time. Having divorced a year before, the time apart made them both think of their loss in the divorce and how rash decisions can further lead to loneliness and isolation. On the one hand, it gave Mia the confidence to find her own footing and rediscover her self. Not only is she a wife to a popular hockey player, she has become a person of her own pursuing a career she could be proud of. What better time to have things sorted out but at Christmas time. When love is real, it finds a way.

What did not work

Since I am invested in the series, I would have wanted to see Mia more involved in the Portland Storm WAGs. The same with Q. Before and after this novella, he was only a footnote to the entire series. He could have been a character that shaped the team into what it is in its recent stands on the series. But, I am keeping my hopes up to find out what Mia and Q will play in the community of the Portland Storm Hockey Team players and their families.

I'm waiting for what Catherine Gayle has in store in the future installments for Q and Mia. I'm holding her out to Jim Sutter's mantra, "we take care of our own."

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