Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Illustrator of the Month: Bernadette Solina-Wolf (2 of 2)

Bernie and Michael Wolf with pet dog
Here now is part 2 of the interview with Bernadette Solina-Wolf, Most Favorite Illustrator in the Aklat Awards 2016 of Lampara Books and Precious Pages Group of Companies.
What is the book illustration or project you wish you could have done?

I still have a project I am eye-ing to do---a coloring book on Philippine costumes.  

What do you consider your career highlights? Kindly name or identify five accomplishments.

Let's just say these events helped me a lot:

1) I was a founding member of the Ilustrador ng Kabataan which is now on its 25th year! I was invited to give the opening speech the other month (was it?). I had a bit of problem ending my speech. Mahirap datnan ng nostalgia pala! But I was able to thank God!

2) I had 5 years as Visual Arts teacher at the Philippine High School for the Arts in Makiling and bonded with very creative young artists now in top positions in the cultural and advertising fields, here and abroad.
The Start Right Reading Series: Kindergarten Level
3) Formed and toured the ANINO ShadowPlay Collective nationwide under the sponsorship of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and because of this, I experienced the rich cultural diversity of our country. Also, noted that Yoyoy Villame's "Magellan" is known nationwide in diverse cultural beats and rhythms. The tour really took a lot out of me (the only provinces we didn't go to were Tawi-tawi and Samar as well as Batanes!) so I just said "that's it...I did my end of the deal" and went back to teaching. The late Don Salubayba with batchmates and other PHSA students continued with it after high school and into college and up until now, the ANINO is still performing and doing international performances in various shadow play festivals!

4) Because of an absence of book projects, my husband and I ventured into creating a small cottage business we named the Nutart. He developed the coconut shells as painting "canvas" and I painted on them, first with sea life (for the nearby resorts) and then onto indigenous peoples when we dared get into Ayala Museum.  Now, on its 10th year, the baos have been invited by the National Historical Commission (NHCP) to make a round of exhibits in their different national shrines (i.e Mabini, Rizal, Malvar and Phil. Museum of National History in Pampanga...)

5) At present is the STARS project with Zarah Gagatiga. Each set of 12 books (Kindergarten, Grade One and Two) is no joke. Yet, every time I look at the finished artworks I tell myself, Boy, am I really honored!

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