Sunday, December 18, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Book Review: Mistletoe Misconduct

Mistletoe Misconduct (Portland Storm #7.6)Mistletoe Misconduct by Catherine Gayle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jim Sutter, General Manager of the Portland Storm has been divorced from his wife for two decades. The WAGs (wives and girlfiends) of the Portland Storm hockey team thought of giving Jim a holiday treat. Unknown to him, the WAGs posted his profile in a dating site. Miles away, his ex-wife Elaine found him online. She took her chance and the journey in at a second chance on love begins.

What worked

Christmas is a time of reunions and reconciliations. Some are successful and some aren't. In the Portland Storm series, the coming together of Elaine and Jim magically worked out with very little effort and resistance. Jim is still haunted by his past mistakes, especially the one that led to his divorce. He lives with this pain by being the father to the Portland Storm hockey players, their wives and children. To them, Jim is not just a manager of the team. Apparently, Jim is a big believer on second chances. If he could give his players a second chance, why can't he give it to himself? Elaine loves him still, after all. If she could forgive him, why can't he forgive himself?

Throwing his guilt and regrets out the window, he took the first step to redemption.

Like Jim, I do believe in second chances. Like Elaine, I go after what my heart tells me to do. Twenty years apart is a long time, but between two people who truly love each other, time is merely a concept.

What did not work

The ending felt rushed. I would have wanted to see a chapter devoted to Jim's reunion with his son as well. If this is a technique by the author and the publisher to rope me in for the next novellas in the series to see more of Jim's turn around as a father to his son, well, that is pretty smart.

For fans of contemporary romance and happily ever afters, this novella makes for a good Christmas read as it celebrates forgiveness and hope for a brighter future.

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