Saturday, January 30, 2016

Teacher on Center Stage: Victor "Teacher Vic" Villanueva

This month, the blog features Mr. Victor, "Teacher Vic" Villanueva, teacher and reading specialist. He conducts reading assessment and implements reading intervention programs for K-12 learners. Teacher Vic teaches at Builders School in Quezon City. In this blog post, he tells us a bit about his job as a reading specialist and provides parents with tips on how they can help their kids become better readers.

What does it take to be a reading specialist? 

The person who aspires to be a reading specialist must have a real desire to help someone to read better than how he is reading at the moment through mindful teaching. This person needs to have a solid understanding of how the reading process actually happen in normally achieving individuals so he can tell when it is not working for a particular person. This understanding should be fused with teaching skills that will enable this person build the literacy competence of the one who struggles with reading.

 If not a reading specialist, what are you today? 

I would have been a high school history teacher. When I started dreaming of becoming a teacher, I was also falling in love with story of humankind. I was in high school at the time. I knew then that I wanted to teach.

Your top 5 tips to parents so they can help their kids become better readers 

    •    Parents should first have to believe that their children can become better at reading or in anything that is worth being good in.

    •    Parents should be convinced that reading is worth being proficient in.

    •    They have to think that reading is an ability that depends on desire and habit.

    •    They need to have a basic understanding of how a child develop the love for reading and the skill to do it.

    •    They need to put their money where their mouths are. If parents believe in the value of reading, they need to be ready to spend for it.

For inquiries on reading assessment and intervention programs, Teacher Vic can be reached through these contact numbers: 293-5431 (Builders School) and 09178527491 (mobile number).

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