Thursday, January 28, 2016

Live Blogging: Follett Workshop 2016 PM Session

This afternoon, Larry Gilbert is showing participants the rest of the modules of Follet Destiny. We have explored the ebook collection that can be accessed through Brytewave, an app that can be easily downloaded from iTunes and Google Play. I love the Catalog interface where cataloging is done as easy as copying records from other databases. Everything is up there including RDA. It is only a matter of bandwidth and internet connection that would make or break the easy functionality of this module. So, this would mean two things: 1) secure a strong internet connection; and 2) set up an efficient system of work routines so that, more reader engagement can be spent with patrons of the library. I. LIKE. THIS.

Follett Community is where school librarians can get support from Follett people and colleagues.

Acquisition of books and ebooks can be done through Titlewave. Now this is not new to me since I bought our start up collection from Titlewave. I got the books cataloged already, barcoded and covered in acetate. Titlewave also sent the catalog cards and the soft copies that were easily converted into our current database because it was in MARC file. Easy as pie. The downside: shipmnet fees and customs duties. At the time, books were taxed. We ended up paying a big amount. Now I have to verify the lifting of book duties before resuming buying in bulk from Titlewave again.

We are winding down to Reports and, just like the rest of the modules, it has everything: patrons profile, over dues and fines, collection analysis, inventory and library statistics. From what I learned, the entire library system costs 3,000.00 USD.

So, I have a library budget that needs to be reviewed as well as a time line of work and projects to finish. I will see where I can put this transition or migration of databases and LMS in place against the bigger scheme of things.

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