Friday, January 29, 2016

Live Blogging: Day 2 of Follett Workshop 2016 PM Session

We are winding down to the last fifteen minutes of the Follett Destiny Workshop. The afternoon session was filled with more product presentations that help and support school librarians with the technical work of the job. What I find interesting are Lightbox and the collection analysis and collection maps in Titlewave. Tim Ramsey shows the efficacy of the system in analyzing and mapping of collection. He is very accommodating, open for questions and assistance when needed, as needed. As a former librarian, he sure knows the language of librarians. I think this is the strength of Follett in the present time. Their people are library trained.

As I close my day and think of home, I have a list of to do's before writing that report and proposal for acquiring Follet Destiny. These are as follows:

a. Do a study of school libraries that are using Follet Destiny. Or visit these schools.
b. Consult with our Finance people for library budget in the academic year 2016 - 2017.
c. Consultation with our Tech people in school for technical support locally.
d. Conversation with my staff on the issue of migration to a new LMS.
e. Request for a beta version from Jenna Emerson, Follet Destiny representative.
f. Review the library's annual plan of activities and programs.

Doesn't look very long, but the work is big. It's time to roll up my sleeves.

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