Friday, January 29, 2016

Live Blogging: Day 2 of Follett Workshop 2016 AM Session

Suji DeHart is a cheer leader for the school library.
Day 2 of Follett Workshop continues!

We listened to an inspirational talk this morning by Suji DeHart on library best practices using Follett Destiny, teacher and librarian collaboration, and use of web based app for library instruction. Suji is a school librarian from International School Kuala Lumpur (ISKL). She uses googlesites for a directory of web sites, collected and curated based on the school's curricular offering. Suji mentioned that she is in every faculty meeting and parents coffee, meaning, school librarians need to be PR managers of the school library. That's putting in a lot of visibility factor for the library.

In Suji's case, it's a lot of hard work. But it works!

After her session, we had a library visit to ISM's Media Center where we saw the genrefication of the fiction collection. ISKL started rearranging the fiction collection by genre and Suji discussed this in her presentation earlier. This is an interesting trend but, knowing me, I do not jump right away in the band wagon. I need to know more and reflect on this trend vis-a-vis our school community's context and culture. I believe that the success of a school library always depend on the unique ecosystem to which it belongs to. So, I will give this some time to think over. But, I will definitely go back to ISM to see how they turn the library into a bookstore type learning space.

Genrefication of Fiction Books: Is the shift worth it? What are the payoffs?
The Follett Destiny peeps are back showing how features of the LMS can work for our advantage. The Visual Search is pretty cool as well as the online support system set up for Follett Destiny users. Tim Ramsey is on the floor now speaking about the many uses of Follett Learning and Follet Shelf. He did say that when an ebook is bought through Follet Shelf, it is the buyers' property. No more perpetual access and limited access. What now of digital rights management?

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