Thursday, January 28, 2016

Live Blogging: Follett Workshop 2016

The Back Office where the librarian has control of the LMS.
I am at the International School Manila (ISM) today attending the Follett Workshop for school librarians. Day 1 is a whole day discussion and product demo on Follet Destiny, a school library management system. Day 2 is going beyond Follett Destiny and into the school library.

As I write this, Larry Gilbert, Destiny Doctor, is demonstrating the efficacy of the Back Office - the admin control of Follet Destiny. The demo is pretty thorough and Larry Gilbert knows the system like the back of his hand. I find the interface helpful, efficient and easy to navigate. I have no doubts on the software and since I started at The Beacon Academy, I have my eyes set on Follett Destiny as the system of choice. In real life, however, there are factors to consider before making the decision of acquiring and using a library management system. I opted to go the other way in library automation. While our current library management system is working, issues on upgrades, centralization and connectivity, e-book availability and management have surfaced.

Because of change and continuing professional development, I open myself once more to the possibility of acquiescing Follet Destiny. As I listen to Larry, my notebook has a long list of questions and notes to put together. These would come in handy when I write my report and proposal.

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