Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Links to The Janus Project 2015: Year End Reflections

The writing assignment I committed to doing is finally complete! I posted my reflections in my other blog, The Coffee Goddess, since the themes of the reflections were all very personal. Besides, the blog has been dormant for a year or more. Posting my reflections there is a way to revive the blog. So, for personal stuff I make public, it all goes to the TCG blog.

I am cross posting the links here in School Librarian In Action, because this blog has a following.

Where I wrote about accomplishments and highlights of 2015.

Where I wrote about failures and mistakes made in 2015.

Where I wrote about growing old as a game changer .

Where I wrote about the three things I spent my energies on.

Where I wrote about things lost and found.

If you are inspired by any of the entries, don't stop yourself from writing one. The assignment involved a lot of thinking, a lot of time. The result is clarity of thought and an amplification of the values that we hold dear.

It was worth doing.

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