Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Book Spine Poetry Contest is Back!

The Book Spine Poetry Contest is back! It was launched yesterday during the school assembly in line with March 21 being World Poetry Day and March 16 being Teen Tech Week (USA).

The same rules apply from last year's contest. Instead of running the contest for four months though, a month is only given for students and faculty to join and send in entries. Here are the rules:

Book Spine Poetry Contest
How to do it: simply compose your own found poetry using the books' spine. If you're not done with your poem yet, you can leave the books you pulled out of the shelves with Mr. Flynn for only a day. He will return it back to the shelf the following day. Cut off time is 3.30pm.

If you have no intent at finishing the poem, YOU must return the book to its proper place in the shelf by following its call number.

Once you've composed your book spine poem, I'll take a photo of it; I'll tag your name and this becomes your batch's entry to the Book Spine Poetry Contest. We'll feature poems completed and submitted to us at the end of each week.

For the prizes: Finals = Ice Cream / Grand prize winner = Pizza Party

And yes, you can work in pairs, in triads or in teams of four.
 To campaign and promote the contest, I have made my own book spine poems.

 Book Spine Poem 1 

You Know Where to Find Me
When It Happens
By the River
The Boy With the Porcelain Blade

Book Spine Poem 2

Warm Bodies
In Between the Sheets
A Ring of Endless Light

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