Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Book Review Inventory 2014

This post is supposedly a New Year post on my books I read and reviewed in 2014. But, life happened. So, here's another catching-up-post. Come back to memory lane with me!

Modern Day Heroes, Bookmark 2014 These wonderful books were donated to Jnaopol Elementary School in Batangas after I have read them.

Reviews in Goodreads2014 was the year I got back to using Goodreads. I'm on a slump again, but I'm giving myself this week to recover.

Another book review using a digital tool. Well, it is more like a web app. I have to credit colleagues from 23 Mobile Things for introducing me to Vine.

2014 was my year of reading kilig books. You know that Rainbow Rowell floored me over because not only did I write a review in the blog, I also did an interactive book talk of Fangirl

This one was for my high school students and co-teachers.</>

My review of Mythology Class by Arnold Arre is my way of bridging the literacy gap with my kids. They are big fans of graphic novels!

I also get a lot of good recommendations from friends who read a lot! If Tarie Sabido introduced me to Rainbow Rowell, Honey de Peralta encouraged me to read G. Willow Wilson.

Another Rainbow Rowell book, Attachment was a cute love story set in the 90's. I finished the year reading another romance book by Rowell, Landline.

Looking at the list, I can say that 2014 was my year of reading books beyond the print format and using apps to communicate my responses to a bigger world out there. It was also the year I read a lot of romance books. In fact, I even judge in the 2014 Readers Choice Award for the Romantic Filipino Novella! What does 2015 look like so far? Here's hoping to post another reading inventory for the first quarter of 2015.

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