Monday, March 23, 2015

Librarian Mentors

A few weeks back,  a comment on one of the blog's post on a featured Filipino Librarian made it public. The blog that got this comment was about Joy Fajardo Nera's mentoring to a younger staff at Assumption College in San Lorenzo.  The comment came from Ms. Aza Salva who thanked Mrs. Joy Fajardo Nera for encouraging her to do more on the job and to go beyond the expectations of the profession. Ms. Aza Salva is no longer a librarian in Assumption College but she keeps fond memories of her boss and her style of mentoring.

When I sent Mrs. Nera this bit of good news, this was her reply --

I read your  blog and the message written by Ms. Salva.  That message from my former staff made me realize that I am on the right track. Knowing Aza is doing well in Brent International School and that the other young librarians who started  their careers with me are also doing their best  wherever they are right now, makes me feel proud that  they learned something from me (kahit na pabalik balik mga reports nila sa akin noon). Imagine! I took the chance of getting newly graduates of LIS whenever we have available slots in schools, train them, teach them what I know and later on set them free to become heads or coordinators too.
I suppose this is one area where library research can have a look at: mentoring programs in libraries as indicators of success and professional growth.  If not in the area of research, perhaps mentoring is one aspect of library management where LIS professionals can engage in deep thought and conversation as far as professional practice is concerned.

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