Sunday, March 15, 2015

ILN Partner and Peer Mentor: Wanda Sliwowska

This is Wanda Sliwowska. She is my partner in the ILN peer mentoring program. She is a school librarian from Poland. She works in Gimnazjum nr 3 z Oddziałami Sportowymi im.gen.Mariusza Zaruskiego w Świdnicy. Świdnica is a city in west side of Poland, near the big city of Wrocław. Vsit the website of G3 Swidnica. It is a school for students age 13 to 16.

Wanda claims that reading is her "bad habit" that is why she took a bachelor's degree in Library and Information Science. She is interested to learn about the school system in the Philippines and its school libraries. Joining ILN's peer mentoring program is one way for her to improve her skills in English. I am very confident that I can convey to her basic information on our educational system and the current state of Philippine school librarianship. I hope I can do this using the correct and the proper English grammar.

In her last email, she mentioned about book elections, an activity I look forward to knowing more about.

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