Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PBBY On-Air in DZUP LibRadio

If you listen to DZUP every Wednesday for the program, LibRadio Librarians sa Radio, you'll have your fill of PBBY board members campaigning for books and literacy development. It's July and on the 15th, we'll be celebrating the 31st National Children's Book Day (NCBD)!

I am the guest on July 9 and while I'll be talking about Bibliotherapy, it is inevitable to discuss the NCBD celebration in Museo Pambata on July 15, from 9AM to 2PM. In this year's NCBD, the PBBY worked with local publishers to set up a book fair where publishers can present and showcase new titles in Museo Pambata. This event is OPEN to ALL.

On July 16, PBBY Chairperson, Tarie Sabido and PBBY Secretary General, Ani Almario will be on air to share the good news on the KABANATA Workshop. Tune in to DZUP LibRadio 1602 to hear Ms. Sabido and Ms. Almario explain the details of the workshop.

As I write this blog post, Melanie Abad Ramirez of the National Library is on air being interviewed about Children's Library Services. Ms. Ramirez happens to be the representative of the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) Director to the PBBY since NLP is an institutional member.

Thank you very much DZUP LibRadio for helping PBBY spread the word on the National Children's Book Day!

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