Saturday, July 19, 2014

On Bibliotherapy: LibRadio Guesting and A Research Abstract

And so I'm back! From outer space! Well, more like back from the aftermath of the storm. Yep, I'm channeling Gloria Gaynor.

Typhoon Rammasun left a considerable amount of damage in Region 4, the Southern Tagalog Region, that to this day, there are still provinces where the supply of electricity has not gone back to normal yet. As we hope and cope through this natural calamity, we survive.

Life goes on.

To pick up where we left off, allow me to start with the good news of having guested over in DZUP's show, LibRadio, a week ago. It was an informative and engaging guesting. I have to give credit to the radio hosts, Eimee Lagrama, Ellija Dar Juan and Madame Elvie Lapus who were all very responsive in the discussion on bibliotherapy. There was an energy in the booth. I felt I was speaking with kindred spirits. Suffice it to say that with our discussion on bibliotherapy, tried and true principles of Library and Information Science were brought up as well as new models of operations and programming planning for libraries. At the end of the show, Madame Elvie Lapus took note of the relevance of research in developing bibliotehrapy in libraries.

Speaking of research, I got a copy of a thesis on bibliotherapy done by Psychology students of St. Sebastian College-Recolletos, Canlubang. Last year, I was interviewed by Ms. Joanne Macheca and two of her classmates to share with them what little I know about bibliotherapy. 

What follows are the excerpts of the acknowledgement from their thesis and the research abstract.

I suppose I have a new role now. No complaints.

Thesis title: The Effects of Bibliotherapy to the Self-Esteem 
of the Abandoned Children in Children's Joy Foundatioan

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