Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How Well Do You Know Your Children's Book Publishers?

In the FB page of the Philippine Board on Books for Young People (PBBY), I started an interactive post on Philippine Children's Book Publishers. It's fourteen more days to go till the 31st National Children's Book Day (NCBD) and with a book fair as the NCBD's highlight this year, we - parents, teachers, librarians and readers of all ages, should all know who publishes those children's books and young adult novels. So far, there are three featured publishers already. 

Here they are:

Publihser #1 - How well do you know your publisher/publishing house? 

This publishing house publishes a series of illustrated story books on health and hygiene that touches on the values of self care, responsibility and discipline at the same time. Each title of a book in the series begins with an Interjection that catches the attention, and the eye, of the young reader. 

Name this publisher/publishing house!

Publisher #2 - How well do you know your publisher/publishing house? 

This publishing house is the first to venture into publishing stories for kids way back in the 70s. Back then, it was known for its stories printed in newsprint books with comic like illustrations. I remember, as a grade schooler, book sellers of this publishing house would visit our school to do book talks of illustrated story books like Pilar Katterpillar and Ang Mayang Uhaw. It has now evolved into a publishing house that assists teachers and parents in raising young Filipino readers. 

Name this publisher/publishing house!

Publisher #3 - How well do you know your publisher/publishing house?

Today's featured publisher/publishing house does not consider itself a publishing house, but it works with publishers to produce books for children anyway. In 2005, it launched a book about a man who planted trees, an eco-fable from France adapted and written by Augie Rivera and illustrated by Romeo Forbes. The book (guess the title) was the initiative for a yearly contest where in a visual artist's work is used as inspiration for a children's story. The winning manuscript is then illustrated, or painted, by the visual artist of the year. The winning stories can be read online for FREE.

In 2012, Doll Eyes, one of the winning stories of its yearly contest was included in the Best Reads National Children's Book Award of the PBBY and the NBDB.

Name this publisher/publishing house?

Can you make a guess? Can you guess them all? Answers will be posted with in this week!

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