Monday, June 30, 2014

The Launching of Janopol Elementary School Library

Last June 26, 2014 was the launching of the school library at Janopol Elementary School, Brgy. Janopol Occidental, Tanauan, Batangas. It is the 11th school library that Sambat Trust UK has set up in Tanauan. The launching was a star-studded affair because officials from the local government unit, the DepEd and the Sanguniang Barangay were there. Annie Pacana-Lumbao, guest author, gave a talk and a read aloud to students and a round table discussion with Janopol Elementary school teachers.

The principal of Janopol Elementary School, Madame Emma Punzalan, was thankful for the donations and support given by the local DepEd and the Sanguniang Barangay. There were no students present during the launch because they had classes. But, when the boxes of books were turned over to Principal Punzalan, Dr. Cecil Carandang Assistant Superintendent of Tanauan, DepEd, Brgy. Captain Albert Dalisay and Atty. Ferdinand Perez of the Mayor's Office were like little children who received gifts on Christmas day. It took the host of the program a few minutes to go back to the launching ceremony to continue. Each of the adults who opened the boxes of books took one book to browse and read.

When they had their chance to deliver a message, they all made mention of the beautiful books they laid their hands on. Atty Perez was impressed with the story of Ang Munting Patak Ulan. He said that such books are truly educational and entertaining. "Not only does it tell the story about a little raindrop's adventure, it also teaches young readers the subject of the water cycle." Brgy. Capt. Dalisay wanted to bring home a chapter book. How he wished that everyone in the barangay can visit the new school library in Janopol Elementary School! Now that is something to think about.

When Dr. Carandang delivered her message to teachers, PTA Officers and LGU Officials present that day, she was very proud to share the news that Tanauan schools topped the NAT in the district. She credits the school libraries set up by Sambat Trust as contributing factors to this achievement. "A library in the school provides information, additional knowledge and increased self confidence to students. The presence of books and libraries mean that we support student learning." She encouraged the teachers of Janopol Elementary School to use the library and make it a functional learning center.

After the ribbon cutting and morning snacks, Annie Pacana-Lumbao gave a read aloud of her first published book, And That Won't Wake Me Up! which her daughter, Anelka, co-wrote. The students were engaged and delighted at the interactive techniques of Ms. Pacana-Lumbao. Indeed, everyone can relate to the difficulty of waking up in the morning to go to school.

When Ms. Pacana-Lumbao finished her read aloud, she shared her experience of writing the book with her daughter and getting it published by Adarna House. The students would have wanted to stay on, but their teachers were waiting for their turn. During Ms. Pacana-Lumbao's round table discussion with them on reading, books and literacy development, the creation of student made books and teacher made resources came up. In light of the K-12 Curriculum, teachers are encouraged to be content creators too. The Tanaun DepEd leaders were quick to reply on the initiatives they have had in place for the development of reading materials especially those that prmote mother tongue base instruction. The teachers expressed that they are looking forward for more training sessions on teaching literacy.

Well, the work is cut out for Sambat Trust UK!

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