Monday, July 14, 2014

How Well Do You Know Your Children's Book Publishers: Answers

Publisher #4 : This publishing house is one of the leaders in textbook publication in the country. It has branched out to the publication of children's books with the motto:Instill the love of reading! And what a catchy name this publishing house baptized it's imprint with. Eugene Evasco, Genaro Gojo Cruz, Lina Diza de Rivera and Becky Santos-Gerodias are the teacher-writers who've launched not just one but numerous books with this publisher/publishing house in the past years.

Name this publisher/publishing house!

Answers: Vibal Publishing House / Chikiting Books

Publisher #5: This publishing house has garnered a number of book awards from the National Book Awards. While it specializes in Filipiniana, it also boasts of a credible line of instructional resources for teachers in the grade school, high school and college levels. Their titles of cookbooks, art and culture books are best sellers too! This publishing house revived the classic tales of Lola Basyang that led to a ballet performance of one book in the series.

Name this publisher/publishing house!

Answer:  Anvil Publishing House

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