Saturday, March 15, 2014

Adarna House Workshop: All for the Love of Reading

The past three days had been an exciting journey with teachers, librarians and day care givers. I have had the pleasure of sharing with them activities, initiatives, strategies and techniques that promote books and reading. One goal of doing such workshops is for teachers, librarians and care givers to instill in children a genuine love for books and reading and develop a deep appreciation of culture and one's identity.

Last March 12, I conducted Adarna House's workshop for Love of Reading. There were eighty five teachers, librarians and school administrators who came together to interact and engage in different activities I designed. This led towards achieving the goal mentioned above. I combined activities with the traditional use of books  with digital formats emphasizing the importance of print in the growing child's reading experience and achieving a balance on the usage of digital books. We had book talks, book reviews, use of graphic organizers, LitCircles, storytelling and readers theatre.

Before I ended the workshop, I presented trends in e-reading and e-book publishing as well as fun ways to celebrate books and reading in the school community.

Surprisingly, only a few know about Wattpad, GoodReads and other ebook freebies online. When I asked how many of them have accounts on ereading apps and groups online, around five hands went up.

Librarians, we have the work cut out for us!

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