Monday, March 17, 2014

Raya students interview Zarah Gagatiga about Sambat Trust UK

Here is the translation of my interview with two students from Raya School. Thanks to MJ Tumamac for translating the Filipino transcript to English.
Note: When this interview was conducted, only Trapiche Elementary School has submitted an annual report. As of March 18, 2014, the rest of the schools with Sambat Trust libraries have turned in their reports. 

Diego Montenejo and Pepe Domingo, who are students from the Raya School, sent me questions about the advocacy of Sambat Trust UK. They wanted to know what the charity does in Tanauan City, Batangas. Here is the transcript of the interview.

1. Who started Sambat Trust and why did he create it?

Mr. Anthony Mariano started Sambat Trust. He wanted to help Tanauan City, where his family is from, through providing scholarship programs and building libraries in public elementary schools. Mr. Mariano is Filipino-British and he grew up in London.

2. How big is Sambat Trust’s impact on the children’s lives?

Sambat Trust’s library projects are a source of inspiration for the children. If there is a library in their school, it motivates them to study hard.
3. What are your future plans for the children of Tanauan?

I want to have more libraries in Tanauan City and, hopefully, kids will read more often.

4. How many children visit your libraries?

According to the report from Trapiche Elementary School, all of their students go to the library for they have a schedule to visit the library. We don’t have reports, however, from the other four school libraries.

5. What kinds of books do you encourage the children to read?

Most of the books in Sambat Trust’s libraries are produced by local publishers. We also put foreign books but there are only a few. We usually purchase the books from Adarna House.

6. What books do the children usually read? Or what are their favorite books?

They love picture books and illustrated picture books. With no title in particular, but the children really like books with drawings.

7. Why do you do this advocacy?

Because I love to read and I have the ability to help in building libraries. As a Filipino, this is what I can do for our country. I also believe that education will liberate my fellow Filipinos from poverty. They should be taught how to read and think. And we do this through Sambat Trust’s scholarship program and school library projects.

8. What is your favorite part or aspect in your work?

I am happy every time we build libraries and when I know that there are kids who learn to read because they have access to our libraries. Besides the classroom, the library is also a place where children can think freely as they learn to read.

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