Sunday, March 23, 2014

23 Mobile Things PH & SG: Recap of Things 7, 8, 9 and 10

Keeping up and catching up on lessons and activities on 23 Mobile Things PH & SG, here are my thoughts and insights on Things 7 - Communication, 8 - Calendar, 9 - QR Codes and 10 - Social Reading.

Thing 7 - Communication via Hangout

Participants were introduced to Hangout, a chat and video conferencing app. I joined the convo that Saturday using my mobile device. I was able to chat and do video conferencing with librarians from Manila and Singapore. I met Joan Wee and Yunyun Wirawati on video conferencing!

Hangout is another app librarians can use for off shore guests, meetings with other professionals that are geographically far apart, and instant messaging for internal communications between librarians in big learning communities. I think Hangout can also be used for an Ask-a-Librarian service.

Thing 8 - Calendar

I've always used my mobile's built in calendar but I still write down my schedule and activities for the week and the whole month. Seeing the list of To Do's helps me visualize tasks that need to be done but writing down specific activities for a week makes me remember the task better.

For Thing 8, I'll do an almanac of sort on a monthly basis, post this up in the library's newsletter using Flashissue and share this with my learning community. I'll tag #23mthingsphsg, of course!

Thing 9 - QR Codes

I've heard and seen QR Codes and I know what they are. But using them is something I need to explore more on.

Thing 10 - Social Reading

I mentored this Thing and the convo on Social Reading and there were wonderful discussions. One idea that cam about was the important role librarians bring to the fore in using Social Reading apps and in moderating book clubs. I recommend a blended approach or an integrated approach towards Social Reading to keep the balance of print and ebook use. The principle being that library users learn and apply a variety of learning modes when reading. A balanced reading program prompts readers to use their brains' capacities, left, right or round about.

Social Reading apps are cool. Reading can be fun despite its complexity. We learn through reading on a personal level, but when we reach out to other readers and join a reading collective, we are able to innovate and create, and reflect on our own thoughts. The individual experience of reading is elevated in the universal.

It's been an exciting ride learning from peers in 23 Mobile Things PH SG. Thirteen more things to go!

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