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Filipino Librarians: Profs. Igor Cabbab & Iyra Buenrostro

It's Valentine's Day and the blog is so lucky to have this interview on one of the few "hot" but "wholesome" couples in Philippine Librarianship today. Outgoing Dean of UP SLIS Dean Igor Cabbab, and better half, Prof. Iyra Buenrostro answer three relevant questions on Philippine LIS education. The fourth question is very common and recalls to memory of high school slam book moments. But the last is definitely the most revealing of their dynamics as a couple.

Indeed, to quote a line from Fixer Upper (Frozen, 2013) love is a force that's powerful and strange!

a. What is the most pressing issue in LIS education today and why do you think it is so?

She said:
Curricular offerings that will meet the current demands of the industry. Though, there are already initiatives to align and standardize the courses offered in different library schools, and I think it's a good start. In relation to the curricular offerings, is of course, the need to have and offer graduate and post-graduate degrees in LIS. The UP SLIS (ILS then) has been offering LS subjects in the graduate level since 1952 and MLS in 1962, but until now we still don't have a PhD program in LIS. Obviously, we need to do something about it.

He said:
Current hiring / staff movement requirements based on global and local standards dictate that qualifications related to higher level administrative positions in LIS-related institutions (libraries, information centers, library schools, etc.) include the possession of post-baccalaureate degrees (MLIS and PhDs). MLIS is not a problem at the moment. PhD is a problem. In order for LIS Higher Education institutions to be able to address the offering of PhD in LIS they should have the faculty complement to back the degree offering. Sadly, only a few have PhDs in LIS / LS / Information in the country. This puts pressure on the academic personnel, it means that they should pursue the degrees first themselves.

b. How are LIS students different and the same from five years ago or from when you started teaching? 

She said:
I started teaching in 2006, I was only 22 then. I think that's one of the big differences. They respect me more now (I hope) because I'm older. Haha! But seriously, kids (yeah kids) nowadays, are more dependent (on technology, etc.) yet trying to be (or appear) independent. I also think that they are more creative and matapang.

He said:
Pasaway pa rin mga students kahit anong dekada. XD One difference I noticed is that they are more technology-savvy. So instead of asking them to drop their pens and listen to me first, I now have to ask them to close their laptops and focus on the professor in front.

c. What is the teaching tool or gadget you can't live without?

She said:
I have two (Aside from my Gift of Gab. LOL). My laptop and white board marker.

He said:
My laptop, my flash drive, my dropbox, my facebook account and a couple of government-issued, quickly fading, lowest bidder white board markers.

d. Define love. 

She said:
Ask my husband.

He said:
a. Two vowels, two consonants, two fools...
b. It means nothing to a tennis player...
c. Evol spelled backwards....
d. Back massages after a tiring day...
e. Still buying that Hello Kitty stuffed toy for Mami one day in 2010 even if it meant not having money for gas and lunch the next day. XD

About us

Prof. Iyra S. Buenrostro (BLIS 2005, cl; MLIS 2010, specialization in Archival Studies) is a full time faculty member of the UP School of Library and Information Studies since 2006 and she teaches courses on Library and Information Science, Records Management and Archives Administration. Before joining the academe, she was an Assistant Metadata Specialist in a Manila-based outsourcing firm that delivers digital archives services to different companies in the Middle East. At present, she is always invited by different professional library associations, schools and universities, and private organizations to talk about basic records management, core functions of archiving and archival training and education in the Philippines.

(Fashion peg: Zooey Deschanel and Anne Curtis. Has a lot of shoes and bags. Current obsessions: watches and lipsticks.)

Prof. Johann Frederick A. Cabbab (BLS 1994; MLS 1999, specialization in Information Systems and Literature for Children and Young Adults) is a full time faculty member and outgoing Dean of the UP School of Library and Information Studies. He was managing editor, writer and graphic artist for several children and young adult publications prior to rejoining the academe in 2007. He is actively involved in records digitization programs, most recent of which are for the University.

(Wants to get bigger, as in Brock Lesnar big. Skilltoy and weapon enthusiast: yoyo, spintop, diabolo, poi, firepoi, nunchucks, firechucks, balisong. Loves photography and russian m42 lenses.)

They blog at and wreck havoc on Facebook most of the time.

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