Monday, February 10, 2014

WRAD 2014: Raising Our Voices Blogging Challenge Week 1

WRAD Raising Our Voices Blogging Challenge: Week 1: February 10 - 16
What is your earliest or fondest memory in which someone read aloud to you?
Your first mission is to answer this question. We are using this prompt to bring awareness to the impact reading aloud and the act of being read to has on readers of all ages. Consider it an opportunity to connect with others through the shared experience of hearing stories read aloud. 
More prompts: How you plan to celebrate WRAD on March 5? Who will you celebrate with? Where will you be? If you have celebrated WRAD in the past, what activities brought you and those you celebrated with the most joy? 
Growing up in the mid-70s, reading aloud was my alternative to watching TV because my parents controlled my viewing hours. There was Sesame Street and Electric Company to see in the morning while old Filipino movies and Japanese anime were my TV fodder in the late afternoon. This media experience did not drive me away from books. My mother read aloud to me. I loved the way the words slide out of her mouth and into my ears as she read from a book. The pictures in the books did not move when my mom read aloud to me, but the pictures I conjure in my head as she read aloud came alive. Those images were mine.

The words were strung together by the author. The pictures were illustrated by an artists. And yet, I have my own version of words and pictures put together. That is the power of the spoken word. Reading aloud enabled me to dream; to imagine; and to create. I did not know it then, but this is probably the reason why I became a school librarian. That love affair with books sealed my fate. Thanks a lot, Mom!

In the past WRAD celebrations, I had videos of book talks posted in the blog. I once did a read aloud of Lizard's Song. It is a joy to do this: talk about books and read aloud even if only it is done in this blog. This year, I'll celebrate WRAD 2014 by completing this blogging challenge.

I've done the first post for Week 1. On to the next!

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