Sunday, November 3, 2013

Picture Book of the Month Champions: Mike Shoulders and Bobbi Miller

Picture Book Month is up and about and here's what two champions think about picture books and their relevance.

Yes, picture books teach colors, numbers, the cadence of rhythms and rhymes, but also a love of the written word… ALL essentials for eventual success in classrooms and a good life.
                                                        Mike Shoulders, November 2, 2013 PBM Champion

 In reading such picture books, a young reader learns to appreciate the language itself. Language is more than mere words. It’s the rhythms and the patterns, the musicality of language. Studies suggest that language acquisition is keyed to youth, and likewise, we can infer, is language appreciation. Our language reflects what lives inside us: our hopes and dreams, our history and our future.

                                                          Bobbi Miller, November 3, 2013 PBM Champion

And while were at it, I ask you what you're favorite ABC-123 picture book is? What about history that's presented in picture book format? I'll tell you mine next blog post!

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