Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kids & Their Stories @ the 3rd ReaderCon

It's only three more days to the 3rd ReaderCon. It will commence at the Rizal Library on November 9, 2013. Dr. Von Totanes, director of Rizal Library, will open this event celebrating books, reading and literacy. This year, I'll be facilitating  a panel, Kids and Their Stories, where authors interview kids and teens who are the audience of that panel. As the theme for this year's ReaderCon proposes, What do Readers Want?, the panelists aim to know what kids and teens are reading and what they want to see on the shelves of libraries and bookstores.

This panel is beneficial to writers, illustrators and publishers of children's and YA books because the information they can get from the audience have a direct effect on their craft and on the business of publishing. But isn't this the same information we school librarians want to know and make use of too? It sounds like market research in action but having a conversion with kids can be a well of insights that can help us improve the process and content in developing the library's collection.

The PBBY will have a booth in the book reco fair at 1PM where the winning books of the NCBA 2010 and 2012 will be featured. Later on in the afternoon, winners of the Filipino Readers' Choice Award will be announced and book discussions by different book discussion groups will take place. It is going to be an exciting day for all book lovers and readers big and small.

Such activities are wonderful ways to celebrate books and reading! If you are a school librarian and you are free on November 9, 2013 attend the 3rd ReaderCon. It is a place where you can learn new things, unlearn some, and relearn a lot.

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