Thursday, November 14, 2013

Filipino Librarian: Bily Alejo

Topnother, Bily Alejo has graciously agreed for an interview in the blog. He shares with us his dreams of becoming a librarian specializing in marketing and promotion of library services and programs. He looks up to Mrs. Venus Ibarra Guyos and Mr. Michael Pinto who both mentored him in the Univeristy of St. Louis, Tuguegarao.

Congratulations, Bily! May our tribe increase!

Degree: Bachelor in Library and Information Science (Graduated as Magna cum Laude S.Y. 2012-2013)
School/University: University of Saint Louis – Tuguegarao

* What do you feel now that you've passed the LLE, and topnotcher at that?!

When the results came out, it was really difficult for me to absorb this life-changing moment – life of a topnotcher. At first, I really did not know if I am going to ace in the exam because I wandered on the questions of the LLE. The questions were flabbergasting that for me were “Between Life and Death” questions. Now, I had survived my life’s toughest point and had been recognized as a topnotcher. I know that my success has a reason that comes from God – a reason that remains to be beautiful. If you continue to believe in what God can do to turn impossibilities into unlimited opportunities, you will be guided by His light towards the path of your success!

* How did you prepare for the LLE?

My batch mates had landed on jobs after graduation. I was in a dilemma whether to work or to prepare for the board examination. When I floated my application to one private school, I asked God for a sign that if I will not be hired, I will review for the LLE. Otherwise, I will concentrate on my work. He gave me a sign not to work and just review. So for the remaining months before the board exam, I was jammed in our house as a part-time housekeeper and part-time reviewee.

* Why did you major in LIS?

I enrolled in Library and Information Science by accident and by God’s will. Why LIS? I observed half of my classmates enrolled Accountancy and the rest on Health and Allied Sciences. I did not have any idea about the profession and that posed a challenge – a challenge to discover what is in store for me and to make a difference in our batch.

* Who are your librarian heroes?

I was about to quit and shift into another career during my schooling because I could not find myself in Librarianship. Then, I came to meet and greet Miss Venus Ibarra, now Mrs. Guyos, where I was able to find myself from her. I was inspired by her actions, personality and wisdom to continue to become a Philippine librarian. She supported me like a mother in every endeavor I wish to achieve. I sincerely thank her for the inspiration, love and support she shared to me though I was only her student. To Sir Michael Pinto for the words of encouragement to soar high and to contribute positively in the profession, a big thanks and applause for what he had done. And to many librarians who inspired me in whatever way to become the person I ought to be, I thank you so much! You already know yourselves; I don’t have to enumerate.

* What specialization or tracking in LIS do you wish to take?

My buddy professor, Mrs. Guyos, knew already what I want to become and that is to become a model. Since I am a frustrated model, I want to employ my creativity, intellect and passion into the profession through library marketing. I have a strong sense of passion for library marketing because of my experience as a project manager back in college. A model is about influence and inspiration to people; thus, marketing for me is my choice and my heart.

* What is the most pressing issue in Philippine Librarianship that needs to be addressed? Why? How can this issue be addressed?

I wish to address the stereotypes of librarians as perceived by the younger generations. If we, librarians, are aware of our actions and sensitive to what our users are thinking of us, then we could provide an immediate solution in correcting their wrong discernment and enlightening them about the profession. This is what makes Librarianship unattractive to the younger generations as a career because they do not see the significance of the profession to the society and the opportunities to become successful in life. This draws the obliteration of the growth of the number of librarians in the country which results into high demand and low supply of librarians. Librarians should join hands to make an effort in promoting and realizing the image of the profession in the 21st Century and to the future to come.

* What is your advice to LLE takers in the future and to students of LIS?

Thomas Edison, Father of Invention, once said, “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” I am a product of difficult challenges, failures and doubts. I struggled, but I never quit. I continued to dream and trust God’s will. If I was able to make it, you too can! Always remember that despite and in spite of everything, God rewards those people who believe in Him. With God, nothing is impossible!

Sabi ni Korina Sanchez, “Balang araw wala ng batang naka-paa,” para sa kanyang Tsinelas Campaign.
Ako naman, “Balang araw wala ng library na walang librarian,” para sa aking More Librarians Campaign.

I look forward to the influx of competent and virtuous librarians in the country!

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