Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Book Exchange Project by Papemelroti

This book shelf stands outside the Papemelroti store at the Korben Place. The main building is at the corner of Chino Roces and Sct. Tobias in Quezon City. It's my favorite gift shop because the art and crafts products the store sells is very Filipino. There's a homey and rustic appeal to everything they sell there: from stationery to little cute figurines; wood crafts, paper crafts, house decors and, a recent addition, accessories!

I was in the neighborhood last week and before heading home down south, I dropped by the store to pick up a Nativity set and wall clock. What welcomed me by the entrance door was this handsome bookshelf.

I love the shelf! I wish I can have one at home.

But the idea behind the shelf thrills me even more. What kind of store owners would think of putting up a book exchange library project but those who run Papemelroti? Indeed, their creativity is not limited to arts and crafts, design and managing a store. It extends to an advocacy that these young store owners and artists feel passionate about: books and reading!

Their Leave A Book Take A Book project welcomes customers and buyers to leave a book they've read and take one in exchange. It is so cool!


KPK said...

Hi Ms. Gagatiga! My name is Angela and I was in Professor Canon's class when you gave a talk. I loved it! My favorite line of yours from that night was when you described storytelling as the connection of being human! It gave me the goosebumps. Good, positive, non-scary goosebumps. Thank you thank you Ms. Gagatiga! I am now officially a fan. :)

Anonymous said...

I also admire this initiate by Papemelroti!

Patsy Paterno said...

Hi Zarah, thank you for featuring our little library. I love looking at the books that are brought in and exchanged! Sometimes I find some gems! I hope there will be many more little libraries sprouting up around the country. God bless you! Patsy from

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