Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Library Hub News From the Field

In my visit to three public schools in Batangas last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting two teachers who are in charge of the distribution of Library Hub books. I did not know that the stacks of books placed on a shelf were Library Hub books until I asked the teachers what these were for.

Only two copies of these books for a population of 300 students.

In one school, there were only two titles of books but in multiple copies. These books were read by grade two students. The next grade level who will read the books are grade three students. When they're done, books move up to grades four, five and six. Students from grades two to six will have read two illustrated story books in a span of three months. Students will get a chance to read other titles when the Library Hub coordinator pulls out the bin and replaces it with a new set. The book bins are routed to different schools. This rotation and exchange happens twice or thrice a year. This is the same system followed by another school in the district. Personnel assigned in the routing of book bins are English Coordinators or District Supervisors who, like the full time teachers in charge of the Library Hub books, are full time administrators and supervisors.

This is the situation I encountered in my trip to Tanauan, Batangas last weekend as far as the DepEd's Library Hub is concerned.

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