Friday, October 25, 2013

Live Blogging: At the 3rd National Congress of Special Libraries in the Philippines

It is day 2 of ASLP's (Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines) 3rd National Congress of Special Libraries. I came in mid-day and Randolf Mariano was giving his presentation. Right now, the three speakers are engaged in an open forum with participants. What is interesting is that, the participants have so many questions and responses. This fuel discussion that go beyond library services and operations.

I am amused listening at the responses of the participants and how the speakers take in these responses. The issue on cultural promotion through library services and through the librarians managing libraries is a complicated one. I think this issue is one specific topic that librarians can talk about further in another congress or seminar.

One advocacy librarians can push for is the promotion of Filipino culture through library services and programs. Mechanisms to promote culture through libraries would be a good starting point for discussion.

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