Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Storytelling Contest at the NLP

The Philippine Librarians Association is gearing up for the celebration of National Library and Information Services Month in November. Its officers and committee members are all a-buzz, moving about and around on activities that will culminate on November 25-30, 2013. One of these activities is the annual Storytelling Contest for Kids. Marion Jude Gorospe, the librarian in charge for the storytelling activity, invited me to judge the contest.

It was a joy to watch grade school students do a book based telling of MJ Tumamac's Ngumiti si Andoy. More than winning the prize and award, it is the performance itself that counts. To stand in front of an audience and read aloud a story with emotions and movements is a brave thing to do. Despite my misgivings on judging storytelling contests, this particular contest made me eat my words. Again. But, I still believe that we should do more storytelling festivals, presentations and performances because, really, the story is the star of the session.

From L-R: Ann Dominique Noda of Hizon Elementary School; Aimeline Jean Garcia of Hulo Elementary School; Gerri Eunice Tubio of Santulan Elementary School; and Princess Kyla Balidiso of Ilugin Elementary School.

The contest was held at the Children's Library section of the National Library of the Philippines. Librarian in charge is Melai Ramirez, my co-judge along with Prof. Badong Biglaen of Miriam College. The Children's Library looked spacious, more inviting with its decorations and newly acquired books on display. It's well lighted too. What an improvement! Here's hoping that more kids would go to the NLP.

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