Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Author Visit: Jubilee Christian Academy

Being my break from work last week, I did some author visits in Manila and nearby Calamba. I also had the coolest time judging a storytelling contest by the Philippine Library Association.  Sharing with you some pictures and insights.

At the Jubillee Christian Academy, I combined a talk on authorship and bibliotherapy. I shared with members of the READ Club of the high school unit the process I went through writing my books; how collaborating with Dianne de Las Casas, Jomike Tejido and Bernadette Solina-Wolf has been an amazing learning journey; and that reading, writing and thinking are activities that lead to self knowledge and discovery.

After my talk, one grade 9 student came up to me and confessed that he was not a reader. Through my talk, he realized he could try going back to books since it may prove to be a helpful means to learn not just for subjects in school but to learn about life, in general.

I was floored.

Thank you Ms. Alma Singian and Mrs. Victoria Silva Manuel for the opportunity to touch base with my reading audience!

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