Sunday, December 30, 2012

SLIA: First Monthly Post 2012

The blog in review of 2012: first post per month and the first sentence of the post. I posted a video in January, a poster in July and a photo in December so, no first sentences.

January - Libraries and Transliteracy

February - Break the Stereotype

Two posts from librarian friends made it to the blog last month in response to the Challenge of the Year: Break the StereotypePeachy Limpin and Ann Rosette Crelencia shared a piece of their mind on the topic.

March - World Read Aloud Day 2012

I read aloud to my kids when they were younger.

April - Libraries and Librarians Making an Impact

This is a carry over from my interview in the Mania Bulletin last 24 March 2012.

May - Tandem Telling: Juan Tamad and the Rice Pot

The Regional Conference on School Librarianship: Directions for the Future of School Libraries in Bacolod was, indeed, a memorable conference. 

June- Bibliotherapy @ the SAS Gurong Kaakbay Conference

It's Day 3 of the SAS Gurong Kaakbay Pilipinas Conference at the Science Education Complex, ADMU.

July - NCBD 2012 Poster

August - Call for Entries: Salanga Prize 2013

The 29th NCBD and the 2md Best Reads NCBA have been recently concluded. 

September - My Life as a Librarian

Finally. I am now able to answer the set of questions sent by Mr. Egipto of St. Louis University.

October - Librarians Role in Children's Library Services

I just came home from the National Library of the Philippines. 

November - Jose Aruego and Albert Gamos Tributes

Last September, the UP College of Education Reading Department, otherwise known as REGALE, conducted the annual MILES, Manhit Institute of Language Education Seminar series, in honor of Jose Aruego and Albert Gamos, two dearly departed Filipino illustrators for children. The tribute is in part of the Weavers of Magic forum of MILES.

December - Christmas Reading Table

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