Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Crafts at Christmas: Origami Star Wreath

The holidays can be stressful.

What with all the rush to buy gifts for him and her and the seemingly endless slew of Christmas parties at the start of December, I needed something to distress me from it all. So, in between the busyness, I managed to do some crafts. Using the Origami pack I got from the PBBY Christmas party, I whipped up a star wreath for Christmas. The pattern for the star was taken from Zoe's old origami book. Bibliography to follow as I'm blogging off site at the moment.

First, I cut out a circle from an old paper plate. This functions as the base for the star wreath. Using used ribbons, red and green, from gifts received the past year, I tied the red one around the paper plate. The green one, I used to tie a bow. To keep the red ribbon in place, I glued the edges.Then, I glued on the origami stars around the paper plate.

Now here's a step by step how-to for the origami star.

Step 1- Origami paper: make a triangular crease.
Step 2 - Using the crease as guide, fold the left and right side to the center.  Paper looks like a cone.
Step 3 - Fold the top left and right sides to the center . Again, using the crease made  in step 1 as guide. It looks like a kite now.
Step 4 - Fold the kite in its center. Now it's a triangle. Make three of these.
Step 5  - Glue the two triangles together.
Step 6 - Glue the third triangle on top of the two triangles  to form a star.

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