Thursday, April 26, 2012

Live Blogging: Day 1 of the IASL Regional Conference

 Day 1 of the IASL Regional Conference commences.

Opening ceremonies ended with welcome addresses of organizers: Dir. Lou David of the Rizal Library; Pastor Ezekiel Guanzon of the PRISAAP, Bacolod City; Jude Gorospe of PASLI; and Dr. Diljit Singh of the University of Malaya and the IASL.

Enoy Ferriol of Scholastic gave a short spiel as sponsor and shared with the participants the many freebies and perks available for participants.

There are sixteen speakers and presenters in all, majority are Filipino librarians from Manila and the regions. Topics are grouped according the following topics for Day 1: Reading and the School Library; Storytelling workshop; Library Space and Planning and Teacher Librarian Partnerships.

Book exhibits are displayed outside the conference hall. At the Scholastic booth, copies of Tales of the 7,000 Isles: Filipino Folk Stories are displayed.

In my workshop after lunch, I will be doing two storytelling demos from the anthology. My co-author, Dianne de Las Casas may not be here, but I keep her presence by adopting and adapting storytelling strategies learned from her.

I miss you, Dianne!


Edward Dowdell said...
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Linda Roverson said...

I was inspired after reading your Article. I will try my best to apply what I have learned in your topic.

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