Monday, April 9, 2012

Libraries and Librarians Making an Impact

This is a carry over from my interview in the Mania Bulletin last 24 March 2012. The last question, how libraries are making an impact, culturally and professionally, in the community it serve has kept me thinking to this day. I felt my answer was "bitin".

Good thing I have this blog to, at least, catch up on some ideas. I mentioned three libraries in the article that people should see to understand the dynamic role libraries and librarians play in cultural and professional growth of the learning community. These three libraries are the Rizal Library of Ateneo de Manila, UP Diliman Main Library and the De La Salle System libraries.

I should have mentioned that the Rizal Library of Ateneo de Manila University accommodates fourth year high school students to do research using the library's vast collection, and that, since 2004 (I hope my memory serves me right), Rizal Library has been staging international conferences for librarians.

The UP Diliman librarians, on the other hand, are on-air every Wednesday to talk about books, reading and issues on librarianship and information services via LibRadio, UP Diliman's campus broadcasting network. This can be heard over local AM station. Gosh. I just could not recall the frequency. But I have links highlighted! So, click away!

The DLSU School Library system is very much involved in outreach programs providing access to books in barangays and near by communities. To be specific, DLS Zobel has been conducting and touring the Muntinlupa area for their book mobile activity. They target public schools in the barangays. Their librarians do storytelling activities and book activities to develop book consciousness. I think DLSU Lipa is doing the same.

With these activities, libraries and librarians are making an influence, if not an impact, in the development of a reading culture and in the continuous professional growth of the learning community.

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