Friday, April 27, 2012

Live Blogging: Day 2 of the IASL Regional Conference

Day 2 of the IASL Regional Conference started early.

First up was Karryl Sagun of the Rizal Library. She presented a case study on the jargon and terms librarians use in the work place which she called LIBRARIANISH. The words librarians use to communicate with clients may hamper understanding and appreciation on the benefits of library services. What I found interesting in her study was the use of social media to get feedback and information on how library users at the Ateneo de Manila University respond to the library in general.

Darrel Marco of De La Salle Zobel gave an entertaining and insightful presentation on their school library's book mobile project. Many public school children enjoyed the books and the activities they provide. That's information and access for all in action!

Right now, Joseph Marmol-Yap of De La Salle Taft, discuss ways and means to creatively stretch the library budget. He provides creative ways to recycle and reuse collection, both print and online resources.


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