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Storytelling Guide: The Legend of the Cashew Nut

This storytelling guide is prepared for librarians and storytellers who will use the story The Legend of the Cashew Nut taken from the book, Tales From the 7,000 Isles: Filipino Folk Stories by Dianne de Las Casas and Zarah Gagatiga.

Library Storytelling Guide for Legend of the Cashew Nut

I. Storytelling links: Science: Plants and the elements / Social Studies: Relationships; Philippine province: Palawan / Values Ed: patience and discernment

Suggested grade levels: Grades 3-5

Objective: Understand cause and effect relationships

Time and schedule: Two-three meetings with the librarian. First session is Pre-activity and storytelling proper. Second and third sessions are for Post-activity and class presentations.

II. Storytelling Technique

a. Pre-activity

- Librarian shows a pack of cashew nuts and a photo of a cashew tree and its fruits, and a map of Palawan, Philippines.

- Librarian explains that cashew trees abound in Palawan and its city, Puerto Princesa has an industry of planting and harvesting cashew trees and fruits. Palawan is popular for its tourism business but one of its many industries is the production of cashew nuts.

- Librarian introduces the story, The Legend of the Cashew Nut as a folk tale that explains the origin of the cashew fruit, how it looks like and why its seed is found outside its flesh.

b. Storytelling using Flashcards**

During storytelling questions:
- Why did the Cashew Seed wish to see the world outside its flesh?
- How did Mother Cashew Tree feel about Cashew Seed's transformation?
- Describe in a word or two the experience of Cashew Seed when it was outsideits flesh. Have you had an experience where in you felt happy at first and then sad the next?

c. Post-activity
- Librarian divides the big group in three small groups.
Different group activities:
Group 1 - Using the flashcards, retell in your own words the Legend of the Cashew Nut. You may need notes and writing materials. Be ready for a presentation to the class.
Group 2 - Cause and Effect: Make a table that identifies before and after experiences of Cashew Nut. What good things happened to Cashew Nut after his seed grew out of its flesh/fruit? Be ready for presentation in class.
Group 3 - Pick out your group's favorite part of the legend, preferably the one where you find a lot of excitement, and role play this part or scene in class.

**Instructions on making a storytelling flashcard will follow in the next blog post

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