Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Young Adult Fiction Today

An article published on the Wall Street Journal has caused a stir in the YA industry. Read the full article by Megan Cox Gurdon commenting on the darkness and "emo" themed novels for teens that proliferate the market today. On top of all the gothic and dark materials for today's teens, violence is another theme or topic that seems to dominate the produce of YA literature.

This is in the context of foreign titles published in the US but local teens, especially those living in middle class and higher middle class Manila have access to such.

My two cents worth -- Go to the library, parents! Speak to your librarian for books you want your teenager to read. If not the school librarian, go to the teacher, guidance counselor, school principal, head of school , etc. Better yet, be a reader of the books your teenager may be reading. Engage book in talks and book discussions. Help teens develop their own discriminating taste on books and reading materials.

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