Friday, June 17, 2011

The 2011 Salem Blog Awards

Peter Tobey of Salem Press sent in news of winners of the 2011 Salem Library Blog Awards. There are seven library blog categories: General Interest Blogs, Academic, Public, School, Commercial, Quirky, and Local Library. I made it to the final lists last year and SLIA is already included in the blog directory. It's amazing how librarians are able to use and harness blogs as viable tools for learning and collaboration, resource sharing and co-creation of information.

There are so many good ones to read and include in the blog roll! I just might sit on this one day and add them in SLIA's list of blogs. For now, The Unquiet Librarian and Joyce Valenza's NeverEndingSearc are in my bookmark. Oh! What would I give to meet Joyce Valenza in person? Or maybe online?

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