Saturday, June 4, 2011

Live Blogging: SCBWI-CCP Conference - Steve Mooser Speaks!

Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz asked us to write some first liners for a future story. What I did was to go back to an old, unfinished story -- The Day the Book Doctor Died and see if I could continue it. After reading through the first part, I thought of following it up with this line -- Arnulfo the apprentice sat by the archway with his anxiety eating him away. Sounds promising?

Now where to get the time to finish the story? Sigh.

Steve Mooser, SCBWI President and founder of the Los Angeles chapter in the US, is on stage now telling stories of his childhood and his dreams; how he came about in the children's book industry; and some adventures thrown upon him by Destiny. It's pretty interesting listening to his experience.

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