Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Library Edutainment : An Echo

Sometime in May 2011, Belle De la Cruz of Lipa College, Batangas City sent an email asking for the PowerPoint presentation I used during the PAARL Library Tourism Conference on Library Edutainment. She needed the material for her echo seminar.

It turned out that she did not get a copy and the presentation was not uploaded in Slideshare. What I did was to refer her to an old blogpost that shows how the Arizona State University came up with The Library Channel. On top of that, I sent Belle bullet points of my lecture since my presentation is still in the soaked MacBook.

So here are the points I gave Belle (off the top of my head) --

*Edutainment and Infotainment is coined from education and entertainment / information and entertainment.

*This is used by advertisers and marketing people to sell the "educative" and "knowledge" value of their products.

*The library can use edutainment for the same purpose given that the library has products that can be sold to a specific market or audience.

*Edutainment should therefore be used with caution by librarians and library practitioners.

*Planning should take place before it's implementation. Areas to consider when planning for edutainment - manpower and human resource (who can do the job? who are capable to create audio-video presentations, brochures, o websites, blogs, etc), available technology, content and products to promote and sell, links and network or collaborrative partners, BUDGET, administrative support and intended market.

*Undergo feasibility studies, focus group discussions and trial sessions.

* Library assesment and evaluation is essential as well. This will help librarians identify areas to promote via library edutainment.

*Feedback is important - remember edutainment involves communication so it is a process of receiving and getting and the four basic communication art skills - listening, speaking, writing and reading

* UP LibRadio is a good example of library edutainment. De La Salle Dasmarinas also has a library radio program broadcast in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

It would be great to hear news from Belle and the echo seminar she did with her colleagues.

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