Saturday, June 4, 2011

Live Blogging: SCBWI-CCP Conference - Enchantment vs. Realism

At lunch break, I gathered up my courage to introduce myself to Steve Mooser. He was impressed when I told him that Dianne de Las Casas and I are working on a collaborative book project on Filipino Folktales. His eyes lit up and he smiled. He said, "Well, look at that! That's what SCBWI is all about -- writers meeting together and giving support to one another to create books and stories!"

Steve Mooser with KUTING friends -( L-R) Kinchay Villafranca, Lalaine Aquino, Steve Mooser, Zarah Gagatiga, Heidi Abad and Bong Oris
I proudly told him about the local organization of Filipino Children's Book writers, KUTING or Kwentista ng mga Tsikiting. He wanted to meet the members present at the conference so I led him to the KUTING table. We could not help but take pictures! So Pinoy! Even Steve put out his camera for a shot of the group.

Karina Bolasco is now speaking about enchantment and realism in Philippine Children's Books.

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