Thursday, June 16, 2011

Librarian @ the Bank

In a recent trip to the bank, the teller asked me for two valid IDs so she can verify the transactions I am requesting for. One of the two IDs I presented was my librarian's PRC license. The teller went through the motions and handed me back my IDs but with a commet that went like this --

Teller: Madame, meron din palang board exam ang mga librarians. (Madame, I didn't know librarians have licensure exams.)

Me: Oo. Required by law. (Oh yes as requied by law.)

Teller: Bakit kelangan pang may license? (Why is a license essential?)

For the first time in my life, I was asked a beauty queen question.

Me: Ang trabaho kase ng librarian multi-faceted. Merong teaching at educational functions; creation and communicaion of information; at knowledge management. Sa global and IT driven economy, yung talong yun ang importante - education, information and knowledge. Dun umiikot ang work namin. (The work of a librarian is multi-faceted. We are involved in teaching and education; creation and communication of infomation; and knowledge management. In a global and IT driven economy, these three things are important - education, information and knowledge. That's where our expertise is required.)

Teller: Anong college or univeristy ba na ang nag-ooffer ng course na yan? (Is there a university offering that course?)

Me: Oo. Sa UP, PNU, UST. Meron pa nga a San Carlos University sa Visayas at Mindanao State University sa Mindanao (Yes. The course is offered in UP, PNU, UST. San Carlos University in Visayas and Mindanao State University in Mindanao.)

Teller: Ah...talaga, madame. (Really, madame.)

I nodded and she handed me my transaction reciepts. What a day it was!


Ryan Hess said...

great story! I'll have to bring my DePaul ID to Manila next time and see what doors it opens... :)

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

ryan - i'm sure there will be plenty of open doors! btw, can you send me the url to your blog. i still have to link it up in my blogroll. thanks!

Jeddah said...

Ganyan nga po Maam ang tingin nila sten mga Librarian...akala lng nila eh nakaupo d nila alam kahit nakaupo tau sa counter may ginagawa tyo nag-iindex ng mga journals and other books n wlang index....oh ano kaya b nila un?cla nga nagbibilang lng ng pera db Maam...kaya kung ako s knila wag nila tau minamaliit kz d nila alam being a librarian is not easy...We educate students and we share and assists our students in their research needs...

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