Thursday, December 9, 2010


What a pleasant news I got this morning from Cate Newton of Guide to Online Schools. They love my library blog that it is included in their list of Top 50 Librarian Blogs. If anything, it gives me all the reason to continue blogging. An enormous and eternal thank you to Von Totanes for inspiring me to leave the shadows of blogging anonymity and to courageously embrace the light!

Here's what people in Guide to Online Schools said about SLIA --

School Librarian in Action comes from a Philippine librarian who blogs about books, conferences, his personal interests, and more.


Veronica said...

Would've been better if they said "her" instead of "his". Congratulations anyway, Ms. Zarah! :)

Zarah C. Gagatiga said...

LOL gender is not an issue :-) both female and male hormones exist in our bodies, anyway. besides, women have balls too!

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